Tap water through Nassau and Paradise Island is safe to drink although, bottled water is readily accessible throughout the island. The tap water is desalinated and may have a bit of strange taste which prompts many tourists to drink bottled water. You may utilize the tap water for washing fruits and vegetable, cooking, brushing your teeth, showering or any other activity requiring water usage.

The tap water in Nassau hotels is perfectly safe to drink however, it may have a bit of a strange taste which is why the majority of people drink bottled water. It is rarely noticeable when used for washing fruits or vegetables or when brushing teeth. Some fountain sodas in fast food establishments may have a slightly unusual flavor as well.

The Bahamas is not known for any types of illnesses due to unsanitary or contaminated water.
While it’s safe to consume, I still prefer using bottled water for drinking only. Bottled water is plentiful and inexpensive.

So, to answer the big question, Yes! It is safe to drink the water in Nassau. You can certainly drink the water safely in Nassau.

When booking with Baggy Rocks Nassau Bahamas Transportation bottled still water is provided upon your arrival.

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